We are currently providing Partnering Advisor services to Livin for their Major Improvements and Partnering for Construction Services Partnerships which are now in their sixth and fifth years respectively.

With combined capital and revenue expenditure in excess of £120m, they represent two of the largest and most prestigious partnerships in the North East. As part of our commission we have provided independent advice and guidance to all members of the partnership in a ‘critical friend’ role, ensuring contractual liabilities are discharged appropriately, value for money is achieved, performance exceeds targets, and that the partnership is challenged to deliver value, market leading performance, innovative and exceptional services to tenants.

During this complex and extended commission, we have provided a range of procurement and contractual advice to Livin to ensure compliance with European Procurement Regulations, their own procurement rules, and the constraints of a legacy contract which has been challenged by the shifting political landscape. We have also prepared all relevant contract documentation.

Project Details

  • Category: Residential, Affordable Housing
  • Client: livin